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We help professional organisations engage, retain and build their audiences using online video. If you need to deliver internal content securely, or take real control of how your video is presented and measured on your dotcom site, we’re here to make it easy. And because Buto was created by corporate communicators, we understand the technical and strategic imperatives that drive success.

Our specialist UK team can help you seamlessly integrate Buto with your security systems, intranet or marketing automation, and we’re experts in navigating the technical – and cultural – challenges that frequently prevent an organisation from really pushing forward with video.

But Buto is more than just a platform; our friendly customer team are dedicated to ensuring that video works for you and delivers ROI.

Visit our clients section to discover how people like you rely on Buto every day.

[‘buto’ pron. ‘boo-toe’]

About buto


Our easy-to-use, cloud-based-system helps you upload, manage, publish and measure the effectiveness of your online video content. Among many features, our most powerful tools help you make your videos interactive, create instant video channels, sync PowerPoint slides with video content and streamline your video rough-edit feedback process.


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