Financial services firm ‘Wesleyan’ wanted to turbo-charge engagement with their internal and external audiences. They successfully ran a pilot project with Vimeo, but quickly realised it wasn’t powerful enough for their needs. They required an enterprise-grade video platform with strong security, easy integration and flexible video content management that could be used across the multiple divisions of the business.


After a review of the market, Wesleyan selected a Buto enterprise account complete with unlimited bandwidth, unlimited users and unlimited video storage. Supported by Buto’s customer success programme and easy on-boarding process Buto’s enterprise video platform is being used effectively right across the business.


Wesleyan’s digital team, who spearheaded the project, are delighted with the results. A quarter of the business watched the first internal video blog and engagement has snow-balled from there. Externally the brand has seen higher than anticipated engagement with its video content through social and dotcom properties.