RFU came to Buto with a dual remit – to deliver video content to mobile with a quick, easy workflow, and to work with RFU’s digital agency to build a full online TV channel.


Buto was appointed by the RFU in 2012, and our team worked with their web agency to create the first RFU channel based on our platform. We provided online video strategy advice around video SEO sitemaps, which has had a significant impact on viewing figures. Since then Buto has supported RFU with other bespoke projects including an online ‘Try of the month’ competition, which allows end users to upload their own try to the channel.


Now with over 4 million channel views per year across the globe (a figure that increases 62% year-on-year) the success of the original channel means RFU have recently made further investment in an updated version at www.englandrugby.com/ertv. This, of course, remains powered by the Buto platform.