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How to video: how do films become viral?

Is “your marketing department thinks it’s funny” a sufficient reason to think a film will go viral?
Buto’s technology director Will Grant gives some tips on creating successful viral films:
‘How to’ number 3: How do films become viral?

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  • [...] This is pretty good set of rules on getting your content to “go viral” [...]

  • [...] Video is viral. No, not like the common cold. What we mean is that video is the kind of content people like to share…in e-mails, on their blogs and Websites and, you guessed it, in social media as well. In fact, social media, with its emphasis on sharing content, is clearly an ideal format for spreading popular videos. In fact, many online video sites already have a distinctive social community design to encourage this pattern. But what makes a video go viral? Well, basically it’s got to be the kind of thing people want to pass on to friends. According to Will Grant of, a video clip should be funny, educational, informative or perhaps a bit controversial and easy to share over multiple social media platforms,  forums or through e-mail. Here’s more. [...]

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