Feature: Video Sitemaps For Google

Make your videos appear within Google's search results

Make your content findable

You want your content to be seen as widely as possible and to help you achieve this we can generate a video sitemap on your behalf. Simply click the button on your settings page and we will make an XML file according to Google’s guidelines. You will then need to download this, edit it as desired and upload it using your Google Webmaster Tools account. You can find out more within the support section of your control panel.

Direct people straight to your site

When your videos appear in search results pages, a user clicking on the thumbnail or link will be directed through to your video on your site.

buto gives you one further way to drive traffic to your site and views to your content.

Find out about our accessibility features

Example page indexed in Google video results

buto features:

    Migration Tools
    We always make migration easy by doing the hard bit for you. We’ll set up player profiles and themes to your specification, and use our automated tools to move your content from its current locations to the buto video servers.
    Export Statistics As XLS
    See insights on each view of every video and integrate video reporting into your overall site analytics
    Developer Video API
    An API allows your website to talk directly to buto; it's often used by web developers to do really exciting things with video, especially where video is integrated deeply into the site experience. We're here to help you, your development team or your agency use the buto API to its full potential
    Batch Organiser
    Rather than searching around and working on these individually, the Batch Organiser lets you drag and drop videos from folder views, search results or the main video browser and then perform batch actions on them.
    Accessibility For Video
    Ensure your player is accessibility compliant so people with accessibility limitations can still enjoy your content (including people who don't have speakers, for example)
    Unbranded Custom Video Player
    Un-branded player which you can brand your own, customise and match your colour palette
    Playlists, Tags And Search
    Playlists let you build your own mini 'channels'.
    Media Management
    Manage your entire organisation's video library as easily as drag-and-drop
    Player Themes And Settings
    Player themes mean you can customise the colour scheme of our player, while settings let you choose things like whether to enable comments, enable/disable sharing and whether pre-roll should show before the video.
    Publish To YouTube
    Connect buto to any number of YouTube channels and choose what to publish where
    Smart Playlists
    Smart playlists will populate these channels automatically by variables you choose such as keywords or 'most recent'
    Content Delivery Network
    Every viewer gets sent the right version of the video for their device, connection speed and geographic location for reliable, uninterrupted viewing
    Social Media Integration
    Help your videos to travel around the social web and find new audiences
    Clickable Video
    Viewers can click on individual moving objects in the video for links, more information or other actions on or off the page
    Advanced Controls
    buto allows you to control every aspect of the player, from limiting data transfer to conserve bandwidth to toggling pre buffering which downloads the clip in the background for a smoother viewer experience
    Video Sitemaps For Google
    buto turns your video data into a 'map' which you can submit to search engines so they list your videos in search engine results
    IP Video Security
    Set up videos so they can only be seen when embedded on your website, and/or when accessed from IP addresses within your company's range
    Mobile Video, HTML5, Tablets
    Full mobile and tablet compatibility including iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry
    Automatic Video Encoding
    buto allows you to upload in almost in any format and then automatically encodes your file into several various formats. This means that buto works seamlessly with mobile devices like phones and tablets, as well as all major computer web browsers, so you don't have to worry about compatibility.
    Precise Video Analytics
    Get an overall picture of your entire video library, or drill down to the detail of individual video views
    In-player Adverts
    Buto’s in-player advert feature lets you turn a video view into an engagement opportunity. You can choose when each ad appears and disappears and exactly what it says, where it links to and even what thumbnail image appears alongside.