API Help and FAQ

Help and support is available through your buto control panel.
Please get in touch and our engineers will be on hand to help.

We regret that we’re unable to offer API support to “free trial” customers.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I find my API key?

Each super user on your buto account has their own personal API key for the system, which identifies them when making requests. Your API key is on your settings screen (next to your email address when logged into the system at the top right of the page).

Is it possible to upload videos to my account via the API?

Yes, the Videos API documentation provides details of the request method to upload via the API. The video file must reside on a web server, not behind any firewall or password protection.

Is there any sample code for interacting with the API

Yes, we have created a PHP video library and an Apple iOS video library for interacting directly with the buto API. You can download this and get Buto integrated in your site or application in minutes. We’re working on a number of libraries for other common languages.

Is there a limit to the number of requests my application can make?

Yes. API usage is restricted to 10 requests, per second, per IP address, per organisation. For example, if your web server makes more than 10 requests on a single buto account in a second then a ban period of 20 seconds will incur. After the ban period API responses will be returned. This is to prevent faulty code from harming performance of the buto platform for other users.

I’m having problems getting the results I need from the API. Is there anyone who can help me?

No problem, just email support@buto.tv and one of our engineers will be able to help you out. We regret that we’re unable to offer API support to “free trial” customers.