Version 1 of the data API

Version 1 of our data API is entirely XML-based. All responses will be in XML. Certain functions require XML to be POSTed to them too.

Please see the individual API pages (listed to the right) for details of the types of request that can be made.


All API requests are authenticated using HTTP Digest.

Each ‘super’ user within your company’s account has a unique API key. This key can be found by clicking on the ‘settings’ link found at the top-right of the control panel and scrolling down to the relevant section.

API requests are authenticated using HTTP Digest.

You can try the API requests by using a command-line tool such as cURL (a command-line tool). Your requests will look something like the one below – specific examples are found on each page:

curl -H 'Accept: application/xml' -H 'Content-Type: application/xml' 
-u API_KEY:x -d 'request XML' https://api.buto.tv/function


Responses from the Data API are returned as XML. All responses will return a 200 status code to indicate success. Errors in the request will result in a 40x status code and, in most cases, an error message to describe the problem.

Rate limit

The Data API has a request limit of 100 requests per second, per IP address. If your application exceeds this limit a ban period of 20 seconds will apply until requests will receive a response. Please consider this when testing your application.