Integrate Buto into any web, mobile or desktop application

Buto is designed with integration in mind. All of our services can be integrated into your website, mobile or desktop application via our various APIs.

Data API

If you are making an application that needs to obtain data from the Buto system – for example to see how many views a particular video has had – you will use our Data API. We have two versions. Version 1 is XML-based. Version 2  is JSON-based and RESTful.

To use the Data API you will need an API key. All ‘super’ users are provided with one. You can find out what yours is by logging in to the control panel, clicking on ‘Settings’ (in the top-right), and scrolling down to the relevant section. This key acts like a password to your organisation’s data.

Player APIs

We have APIs for our HTML5 and flash players.  The documentation for our latest HTML5 player can be found at .  We do have Actionscript API’s for our flash players but these are now considered legacy and are unsupported. To use the ActionScript API, you will need an application key. You will need to contact us at to obtain one.