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Brand New Buto HTML5 Player: Coming Very Soon!

The average Buto client has around 40% of their viewers watching content on mobile devices. And the only direction mobile usage is going, is up. Problem is, as you may well know, these iOS and Android devices can’t view online video traditionally deployed in Flash format and instead need an HTML5 player to display content.


Our existing HTML5 player has always been a fallback for our Flash players, however we will be soon be proudly launching our brand new HTML5 player (Development codename ‘Akita’) completely replacing our current HTML5 offering. This will be designed as an HTML5 first player specifically for modern browsers.

The player’s modular design keeps its file size down: Google favours fast-loading web pages and a lightweight player helps you keep your web page assets to a minimum. This player design also allows ‘plugins’ to be created quickly and easily which expand the functionality of the player for custom applications.

The Beta version will be released wc 24th November with a full version release just before Christmas.

The Buto functionality not in the Beta player is:
• Social sharing within the player
• Commenting within the player
• Password protection
• VAST/VPAID support
• Clickable hotspots (although the in-player ads/clickable overlays will be fully available in Beta)

All the other regular Buto features are available in the Beta version.


By Beta release we’ll have restructured the Buto control panel to allow you to deploy the Akita HTML5 player with just some of your content, but we’re pretty confident you’ll want to use it on all of your content in a short space of time. All-in-all giving a great experience for your audience, wherever they are.

Please email if you would like to test the Beta version of Akita with some or all of your content and we’ll help you set this up.


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