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Buto London

Somerset House

Somerset House

We are delighted to announce the opening next week of a WC2 Buto office in the stunning historic Somerset House. This marks an extremely positive milestone in the development of Buto and follows an increasing number of London headquartered global and high-profile organisations that have joined the platform in the last year, including DTZ and the Financial Conduct Authority.

Buto’s presence in the heart of Birmingham’s creative hub will also remain.

Live Streaming From Your Mobile

Want to present to a whole bunch of colleagues or customers but don’t want to go through the process of getting IT to download software onto your laptop? With this app you can… Buto is 100% compatible with the Wowza ‘go-coder’ live streaming app freely available from the App Store and Google Play. Simply download […]

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Create A Video Channel. Fast.

Buto gives you two out-of-the-box features that allow you to quickly create a video channel: Keeping your audience engaged with your content. The first feature is a standard playlist. The second, a fully animated, mobile friendly video channel known as ‘the matrix’. Playlist: Online video consultant and Buto advocate Steff Aquarone shows you how to […]

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How Do I Make My Video Content Relevant And Interesting?

Our thought leader piece comes this week courtesy of Simon Crofts, Creative Director at our award winning sister production company ‘Big Button’. Let’s face it, sometimes you have to communicate messages that aren’t particularly exciting. How do you make sure the audience will want to watch that content? Based on my experience it’s all about having […]

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Buto Platform Changes: In-player Ads and Clickable Hotspots

We’ve made changes to in-player ads (overlays) and our clickable hotspot technology to improve the Buto user experience in the longer term. In-player ads or ‘overlays‘ which used to appear in the control panel as ‘events triggered by time’ now appear under the ‘Create or edit overlays’ button. We could see from our database that […]

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CDN Move To Cloudfront

We love Amazon Web Services. They come brimming with ideas and trail blazing technology and we’ve been working with AWS on the video storage side of Buto for a number of years. If you work on large-scale web-sites you may well be familiar with their highly acclaimed ‘CloudFront’ Content Delivery Network. Through a 2-week transition […]

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