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Online Video Security for Enterprise Internal Communications

Prudent brands secure their internal video content because they don’t want it to get into the hands of competitors. For most organisations security means taking reasonable precautions to make it more difficult for content to get into the wrong hands: Wherever someone can see a video there is always the risk of a rogue employee recording content with a mobile device and sharing with unauthorised viewers.

Below are some of the most common ways in which video can be securely delivered with an enterprise video platform like Buto.


Token-based (SSO Integration)


A token-based video security system issues electronic tokens; transparently to the end-user each token allows a single view of the content. This is typically integrated with other corporate security systems so any users logged onto the corporate network can view the content and don’t need to login to each video.

Video Security 698x400

Pros: This system is very secure and works across mobile devices too

Cons: It is more complex to implement than out-of-the-box solutions that don’t require bespoke integration


IP Restriction


IP restriction means that only viewers coming from an IP address range specified in the enterprise video platform account will be allowed to view content. In simple terms this means only people in your offices will be able to view IP secured video.

Pros: This both highly effective and really easy to set-up in a platform like Buto with no custom work required

Cons: This solution is not usually mobile friendly as the IP address used by mobile devices will typically change regularly and therefore will be blocked by the video platform


Password restriction


Asking the viewer to enter a password to view is perhaps the simplest form of security; it’s certainly quick and easy to set-up in a platform likeButo. However, from your audience’s perspective entering a password each time they want to view is cumbersome.

Password 698x400

Pros:  Easy to implement

 Cons: User has to enter a password to view each time. Not as secure as other methods as the password can be shared. You need to share the password securely in the first place


Domain restriction


Domain restriction only allows playback of a video if it is embedded on a specific website. While this is easy to setup in a matter of seconds, it is too vulnerable to really be classed as a security measure.

Pros: Very easy to implement

Cons: Very insecure as it easy to ‘spoof’. This doesn’t stop the link to the video on the website also being shared


Security and Buto


Buto supports all of the methods discussed above. If you would like to discuss secure delivery of your video content please contact Jeremy Stinton, COO

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