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Talk To Your Audience Live From Your Desktop With Buto

LiveStreams1Got something big happening that you want to share globally? Need to present to a bunch of staff, but can’t get them all together in one place? Need to do this securely? On any device? You can with Buto.

For a low monthly fee ‘Buto live’ can be activated in your account.

When you’re ready simply download ‘Adobe Live Media Encoder’. Our support team will then handhold you through the simple set-up process. Finally, embed the Buto live video player into a webpage in the same way you would with a normal Buto video and you’re ready to talk to the world!

If you are interested in activating Buto Live please email

Your Audience Can Generate Video Content For You With Buto

Our audiences all have an insatiable appetite for new content. Trouble is, sometimes we don’t have the resource to create it ourselves or pay somebody to make it for us. The smart-phone has democratised video-making to the point where most people can shoot a watchable piece of content on their phone (I’ve lost track of […]

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New in Buto: Create a whole video channel in a few clicks!

By embedding a Buto playlist you can now present a whole channel of content to your viewer by doing nothing more than dragging and dropping content into a box. Known as ‘The matrix embed’ <Insert your own Keanu Reeves gag here> this feature is in every Buto users account right now and available to use at no […]

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How To Build An Online Video Strategy

In this white-paper online video expert Jeremy Stinton takes you through the building blocks of a great strategy which will engage your audience and gain tangible return on investment. Click the image to download or view this PDF white paper.

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Brand New Buto HTML5 Player: Coming Very Soon!

The average Buto client has around 40% of their viewers watching content on mobile devices. And the only direction mobile usage is going, is up. Problem is, as you may well know, these iOS and Android devices can’t view online video traditionally deployed in Flash format and instead need an HTML5 player to display content. […]

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New in Buto: RSS Feeds Per Playlist

Buto just updated the RSS feed capability to allow an RSS feed per playlist. Find out more in the video below…  

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