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5 Steps to Google Loving Your Video

Google LogoGoogle, with its monopoly on the world, moved the goal posts last year so only YouTube videos appear directly on the Search Engine Results Pages. However, SEO on other video platforms is by no means futile. Google loves video and well-indexed video content has a significant impact on the ranking of any web-page it’s placed on.

By following these 5 steps you’ll massively increase the benefit your video adds to your web-page search ranking:

1) HD Video:
If Google loves video, then Google loves HD video times a hundred. Even if your video wasn’t recorded in HD, uploading a file exported in HD from your edit suite will give you exactly the same benefit from Google.

2) Metadata:
By metadata we mean information like titles, description and tags. Google is looking for relevance of content to its users search terms. Think about what your audience is searching for and use the Google Keyword Planner tool to help you define a list of key words that you include consistently in your metadata.

Don’t include words or phrases that are irrelevant to what your audience is searching for.

3) Video sitemap:
A video sitemap is crucial as it tells Google exactly what video content sits where on your site. Good online video platforms (like Buto) generate video sitemaps for you. Pointing your robots.txt to a regularly refreshed video sitemap means Google will always be picking up your latest content.

4) Social:
Google looks more favourably on content that‘s creating a buzz. Linking back to a page displaying video content from paid, owned and earned social media properties will increase your popularity with Google.

5) Subtitles:
Google also indexes subtitles or captions added to a video. Make sure you add these even if it’s in English. Don’t be tempted to use completely automated systems though, I’ve seen a number of brand-damaging horror stories from those who thought this was an easy route. Add captions yourself, pay an agency to do it or use an automated system that uses real-live humans to create the file rather than a machine.

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