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5 Don’ts (and 5 do’s) when running an online video campaign

Banana493x274Creating effective online video is all about getting someone with a camera, shooting some great looking footage and editing to some pacey music isn’t it? Sadly this approach is unlikely to work if you want to generate real, added value to your organisation. I’ve pulled together my top 5 things to do and not to do if you want to run a successful campaign.

5 Things not to do:

1) Don’t jump into making your video content before you’ve created a strategy for your campaign and decided exactly how you’re going to get your audience to watch it

2) Don’t make poor quality content. Quality is subjective but the acid test is always a “yes” answer to this question: “Is it relevant, interesting and of value to your audience?”

3) Don’t create content with no quantifiable reason for producing it apart from someone in the meeting said “lets make a video” and everybody else agreed

4) Don’t have a creative bypass and just shoot a talking head of the CEO (Unless there is a clear justifiable reason that this route will meet your objectives, in which case go for it)

5) Don’t have no idea how you are going to measure the success of the campaign before you start

5 Things to do:

1) Define SMART objectives for your campaign before you do anything else

2) Define your audience and make sure you fully understand them

3) Create a plan of how you will reach your audience with video, what messages will be included and when content will be delivered.

4) Execute your plan while remembering to think back to your audience and objectives throughout the process

5) Use analytics to understand the campaign’s performance against your objectives. Use this data to improve the content and process for next time

About the author:

Jeremy is Strategy and Client Services Director of online video platform ‘Buto’. Jeremy’s experience spans both internal and external communications and his focus is on strategically led video campaigns, driven by audience insight.

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