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5 Ways To Organise Your Organisation’s Video Content Better

Most organisations using an online video platform like Buto, quickly find they have large amounts of video content to manage. If you’re not careful this can create real challenge for both you finding the content in the back-end and your audience finding the right content at the front-end.

Video Content493x2741) Titles

Agree a format for titles internally and stick to it. Including a unique ID for each video at the start of the title is a great idea so long as the audience never see it. Don’t forget the importance of optimising your titles for SEO of course…

2) Description

A good description should summarise the film concisely so anyone reading it understands quickly what the film is about and lets them know if it is relevant to them. Again don’t forget the importance of this for a strong video SEO performance.

3) Tags

It’s easy to sporadically bung a few tags on a video, but unless tags are applied consistently they don’t help in finding or organising content. Ideally agree a tag taxonomy within the organisation: Determine a list of tags that should be added to each piece of content in each context rather than letting everybody create their own.

4) Stakeholders

After a while you will want to start deleting old content from your account. But before you do you might want to check that someone within the organisation isn’t still using it. Therefore recording the name of the stakeholder who has ownership internally of the content (and their email address) makes sense. It’s far easier to capture this information at the point of upload than trying to do it retroactively later on…Using the ‘Key value / pair’ function in Buto is a great way to do this.

5) Document and democratise the process:

Nobody likes agreeing and writing processes, but in my experience those organisations that do, save huge amounts of time in the long run. Documenting what I’ve talked about above and sharing it on an easily accessible platform like Google Drive makes managing content far more efficient.

Once you’ve done this stakeholders/commissioners can at the very least write titles, descriptions, tags etc. so you don’t have to. You save time and everybody can find what they are looking for. Win win right?

Want to know more on managing video content? Check out my ‘Top 10 tips for managing video content in the enterprise’.

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Jeremy Stinton is Buto’s in-house online video strategy guru and is currently helping a wide range of corporate clients including the Financial Conduct Authority, M&G Investments and UCAS to success with their online video activities.

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